Things that tick me off: inconsideration

Ok, so this whole blogging thing can be a good thing and a bad thing. What I mean by this statement is that I don’t know how my words will be used either for me or against me in the future. Just remember, thoughts I write down and believe today most likely will change over time and YOU CAN’T say in 20 years “look at what you wrote back in 2006.”

The rest of this entry is very angrily written.

fallingdown So, I think in the modern world we all have a little dab of anger that exist deep in our bosom. Every now and then something happens to you that you just want to GO OFF on something or someone.

For instance, I go in to the rest room today and need to do a number two really, really bad. And low and behold there on the toilet is a recently pissed on seat. You see, some real inconsiderate, dumb ass, freak couldn’t take two seconds to reach down and lift up the seat before he pissed. Additionally, this asshole apparently can’t control the flow of his piss into the toilet. A toilet that I remind you is about two feet in diameter that any dog or cat could easily hit.

G*D D**M! What the **** is wrong with some people. Maybe us men should ALL start to piss on seats so that EVERYONE has to clean the seat prior to doing their business.

But, I bet if we started doing that those original dumb-F***S who piss on the seats today wouldn’t clean the seat — they’d just simply sit down on it because they are ALL freaking ANIMALS.

Angry RANT over. You may now go back to your own business. I didn’t write this did I?


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