Is Life Just A Series of Random Events?

It seems that each of us humans from time to time ask the big questions over and over – Why are we hear? Is there a God? What’s the purpose of life?

There have been many, many smarter men and women throughout history whom have asked these questions. And the neat thing is that there are a lot of good answers out there. You just have to believe in the ones provided or go out and find the answers for yourself.

Over the years I’ve come to believe that life IS NOT a Random event. I believe there is a master plan out there devised and designed by “God” and that many, many, many events in our lives happen for a reason. Maybe not all events have a purpose in our lives, but I think a lot of them do.

To me, meeting someone who instantly “gets what I’m talking about” is an event that happens for a reason. Last week, while attempting to travel from Houghton to Atlanta, the white-out snow conditions in Houghton caused my flight to be cancelled. By chance a fellow at the customer service counter wanted to get to Detroit so he could make his vacation flight the next day. Imagine that, he really, really wanted to get out of the sub-zero and snow and get to the warm ocean and his eleven day vacation! Being the adventurous person I am, I asked if I could hitch a ride with him since he was going to drive two hours to an airport where flights were operating out of.

NormBreyFogle And being a nice guy, this fellow by the name of Norm Breyfogle said “sure” and thankfully allowed me to ride with him. Being who I am I started asking what he did for a living and that got us into life, science fiction and an eclectic mix of subjects on the way to catching the paradise bound airplanes.

You know, Norm is a really interesting guy. After all h is an artist and aren’t all artists supposed to be interesting?

He told me he worked for a while at DC Comics and illustrated Bat Man for several years (look at his website for an amazing resume of what he has done). After looking at his art on his website, I can see his imagination is matched by his artistic skills. I’ve never been a comic book reader, but I have a hell of lot of appreciation for the artist who live and work in that field.

From our conversation and after looking at Norm’s Website, I can tell you also that I have a lot of respect for him. Our conversation on that two hour drive inspired me and gave me a different perspective to think about. Honestly, a casual observer could say “Ba, that’s just a random event occurring in a randomly generated universe.” But I say that meeting Norm was not a random event and it has a purpose and although I may never know the purpose, something positive came from the time spent and shared with Norm.

I can’t wait to see Norm’s novel published and then made into a movie!!! Hey Norm, I know someone who could Direct your first novel to movie deal!


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