The New Technology Based Social Fabric

Over the past five years I’ve noticed a trend.

I’ve been a technologist since the day I asked my dad for a computer. That request was 1983 or so and the IBM computer was a little over a year old. I was about 14 years old when my dad purchased us a Texas Instruments 99A computer and quickly realized I liked computers. I liked to fiddling with it, trying to make it “do something.” So I started off with that computer and along with the computer industry I grew up using new technology.

It is funny though to see the rest of the world become technology consumers. What’s amazing is that after years of being an early adopter, you get numb to the fact that things are still rapidly changing. Living as a technologist you stop thinking of how to make money off technology. You’re mindset is “doesn’t everyone use technology like I do?”  Ironically, there’s this ZDNet article in which former HP executive Carly Fiorina said “We have entered the main event of technology…We are talking about an era where technology is woven into the fabric of life and almost disappears. It means that technology is in everything and everywhere…”

And I realized that my life and our social fabric continues to evolve. The way we interact with each other over time and distances now is just amazing. Recently, in my own social-ecosystem, I re-connected with old friend. Matt and I grew up in the same neighborhood and goofed around as kids. Matt is in the movie and special effects business. Over the past 20 years or so he has stayed in contact with a mutual friend, Rory and recently Matt moved back to Atlanta.

AC_concept So I gave him a call and we discussed his last movie project, Loaded Dice, and a new project he’s working on. I asked about another childhood friend Steve Fambro and Matt mentioned he’s in San Diego working on “some 300 MPG car.” So I did a Google search [new technology] and found Steve’s website and caught up [virtually] with another friend. Twenty years ago this wouldn’t have been possible.

A functional “virtualized social fabric” is surely upon us. We have the ability and it is so easy to keep up with friends and family that in years past we would have lost track of. What’s this world going to look like in twenty five years?

One of the great things about humans is that our imagination fires our desires to make reality even more exciting than our imagination!

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