The Backside of Winter

Winter01 Here we are, February 13th. Wow… February 13th, 2006! The Winter Olympics are in high gear, New York and the east coast got 26 inches of snow yesterday and I’m working a week from Houghton, Michigan.

Although I’m very much enjoying the time with my new bride of six months, I find that prolong exposure to the extreme Winter conditions bores me. Raised in the hot Georgia summers and mostly mild winters, it is hard to adjust to not being able to play Golf or go out without many layers of clothing securly fashioned.

And don’t even talk about staying outside for any real period of time without serious winter protection. The fingers and toes quickly become painful attachments to which make you wish hadn’t even gotten outside in the first place.

Winter02Last November (first picture on the right) I drove up here from Atlanta so we’d have a car up here and I worked a week “tele-commuting”, which at the time I wrote wasn’t so special. Well, I’ve found that working from home has some good advantages. But given the couple of feet of snow and minus degree conditions (second picture on the right), I’d rather be in my warm home town of Atlanta, except that I’d be missing my honey. 

But she’s on the last leg of her quest for her parchment paper and then we will be together twenty-four-seven. And let me tell you, when she’s looking through all the job postings anywhere they close the golf courses during the winter is way out of bounds!

Man, I can’t wait to hit the greens on Sunday!

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