New RSS Aggre’gator

So recent issues with my work computer had me re-evaluate the RSS reader I have been using for over a year. I’ve been using Sharp Reader, but when I rebuilt my computer and removed my day to day login from the administrator’s group, SharpReader stopped working correctly. Instead of dealing with it and trying to figure out how to get it working, I decided to review other offerings.

Besides, the problem with Sharp Read is that it is a Desktop application and I only can view my RSS subscriptions when using my main computer. Well, when I travel or am at home or on another computer I find that I need to access this information online. Therefore, I wanted a RSS reader that I could use as a desktop application and web application.

Bingo, I found a couple of companies that provide this, but ended up going with NewsGator. It has a lot of neat features for $ 20.00 bucks a year. Mainly, it allows the RSS subscriptions to be viewed inside Outlook and then online at NewsGator’s web site — COOLIO!

Again if you don’t know what RSS is about, I suggest you read this BLOG posting I did a while back. Then go and sign up for NewsGator’s service.NewsGatorOutlook

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