The State of My Union

StateoftheUnion A tradition that stretches back to George Washington – The State of the Union. George Bush continued that tradition last night and no matter if you agreed or disagreed with his speech, the good news is that the President did make a statement. This is important in American politics and strengthens our country.

So, if the President speaks about the state of the American Union, I feel it only right to speak about the State of MY Health and Wellness Union.

Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the BLOGGING world, I come here today to speak about the State of MY Health and Wellness Union. Let me not obfuscate the facts here. The State of MY Health and Wellness Union is well… <HH pauses> POOR! <Crowd Sighs>

  • I am by the Body Mass Index numbers OBESE.
  • My back is not in good shape.
  • My knees have stiffness issues.
  • I don’t have good eating habits.
  • In the past year I haven’t been a good of an exerciser as I should have been.
  • I haven’t had a physical in four years.

Now, although many of my fellow Americans don’t agree with the BMI method for measuring a persons weight to height ratio, I fully accept responsibility for being a fat *ss. Yes, I’ve been busy with work and extra curricular activities and of course Golf, but in the final analysis I have to take full burden for the results and lack of results of my activities.

I do stand here today in front of you… <HH pauses and gazes into the audience> three people and say this: I will pledge to work harder at eating better and exercising more. I will have a full physical checkup this year. And I promise to be more forthcoming with my progress and journey to a better health and wellness state of my union.

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