Sometimes A New Perspective Helps

How often do you become pissed off because of something that went wrong with your job, your home life, your friends, your family or some national or world event?

For me, it seems like at least once a day something gets my blood boiling.

Then, you take a trip to a foreign, third world country and for a while when you come back things don’t seem to bother you as much. You find that the America you live in is pretty damn good!


But after a while for varying reasons, you loose perspective on the real world and things start to bother you again.

Then, while breezing around the Internet you come across a site that re-charges your perspective brain cells and you realize once again, life could be so much worse.

Such a site is Michael Yon’s Iraqi dispatches. He’s been freelance reporting in Iraq and has a lot of good dispatches. I recommend going out there for a read when you need to recharge your perspective.


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