Oh My God (OMG), And I Thought My Fat *ss Was My Doing!

This just in — if you are fat obese, like me, it really might not be your own doing.

There is an article on a research paper being published in the January issue of The American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory in which scientist report a virus may cause obesity.

Whew, and all this time I thought it was because of my poor habits. Really, it is an interesting read though.

You know, again, at the end of last year I caught the Flu or more than likely it caught me and I got sick and didn’t exercise. Then I went on vacation and really put down some good food and then I took most of January off from exercising and low and behold I picked up ten pounds.

So, I don’t know what caused the pounds to come on – virus or laziness? You be the judge. All I know is my big buttocks got a little bigger and now I have to loose 38 pounds.


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