PVR, The Modern Video Recorder

After a while you just have to get use to it. Yes, you know I’m talking about technology. Since around the ’82 when the first PCs from IBM and Microsoft arrived the pace of electronic technology has quickened so much that at times you feel like the computer you just purchased a month ago is now a big boat anchor.

I have a dead Series 2 TIVO at home. If you know anything about PVRs, you already know that Tivo rocks. Well, there are a lot of competitors out there now that make “good stuff.” The problem is do you ever really know what is the best thing to buy today and are you going to get screwed because a better technology will come out a week later?

I have found that you really have to first, set a budget. Figure out how much money you want to sink into a PVR system. Second, write down your requirements. What do you want it to do? One stream recording? High definition recording? Sharing content to other TVs and PCs in the house? You really have to know what your want before you go out looking.

Once you’ve got your budget and requirements go to the retail stores and find out what’s offered there, but don’t purchase anything. Next, Google ‘PVR technology’ and spend a good week looking at the different offerings. If you are totally lost on technology, hit up Brother Joe since he is the family technical guru — yes, all families have these type of brothers.

Finally, make a choice and stick to your guns! It’s only TV and such. Expect that your new technology will be a boat anchor next year and realize that in three years you’ll have to upgrade to the next best thing that quickly becomes junk after you purchase it.

For this is our lot in life when it comes to technology.

Oh, by the way, I found this site that has a lot of good PVR products.

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