Happy New Year

TedBadShot It is just six days since the turn to the New Year. 2005 seemed to pass by like a rocket to the moon and now we are starting a new year. Like most everyone I know at the end of last year I started thinking of things I wanted to do in 2006. Hopefully, unlike everyone else, I’ll be able to keep to some of my new year’s resolutions, which include the following:

  • As my new wife of five months pointed out over the Christmas break, I’m going to work on NOT procrastinating as much as I do. No excuses! Yes, I have a busy schedule with work and my personal “hobbies.” But I’ve made those choices and I can’t let them over-burden me and the really “important” things I need to get done. So, I’m going to work on prioritizing my activities better and get things done in a timelier manner.
  • There is going to be a kindler, gentler Herschel. I’m really going to work on my first response to stupidity and ignorance. I’m finding the longer I live the more I realize how stupid and ignorant I am. So I can’t get so mad and frustrated with that which I, myself, struggle with!
  • I’m going to work on my patience. This is kind of related to the bullet point above. Instead of getting all worked up over something I don’t have control over, I’m going to work to solve problems I can solve and do something positive in the world I live in.

Well, there are three pretty big wishes there. If I’m successful in just one area, I will have a great 2006. So, I hope you will work on something positive for 2006.

I had a great Christmas holiday season and in Seattle we really had a wonderful time with family and friends. I just couldn’t keep from posting Ted’s shot adventure. We had a pretty toasty party and he lost a bet late and well… you be the judge. Here’s the Adobe PDF slide show and the picture on the left is the final result if you don’t have Adobe’s PDF reader. Like a football coach of mine said “Don’t go writing a check your ASS can’t cash!” I think Ted’s still owing in that respect! But we enjoyed it a lot TED!


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