Hope Is The Answer

I had a great afternoon of golf and dinner with a friend yesterday. During dinner we ventured into the philosophical realm and discussed God and a master plan, good and evil and even our own little world.

Today, while reading through Slashdot entries I came across this article about a scientist claiming a new energy source that will reduce or eliminate our need for Oil. Of course, there are a lot of people on both sides of this new technology. You have his supporters and his opponents. The article says an announcement is going to occur in a couple of months

While reading several articles about this “hydrino energy” it hit me that Hope is the answer for the human race. My discussion last night with my friend and then reading this news this morning, I really think that there are human beings who get up every day with the Hope that today will be a little better Randell_Mills than yesterday. That an invention will come our way today that will ease the burden of our daily tasks. That we will one day be able to explore the outer reaches of the Universe to answer our burning questions.

Who knows if this “hydrino energy” will be just another cold fusion fiasco? It will not change the fact that I have Hope for the human race. One day, a great invention will come along that starts out as a whisper and ends up being as big as that small airplane the Wright brothers invented a hundred years ago, which will change our world forever.

Pictured above, Dr. Randell Mills. Click here to go to his Black Light Power web site.


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