The Evolution of Radio Continues

I love music and have always been interested in the Radio business since I was a DJ at a college radio station. The music and radio business has a very weird symbiotic relationship with each other and in general both businesses have become stagnate over the past 10 years or so.

Since I’ve been working with the band Lucas McCain I’ve become even more interested and observant of the music and radio businesses.

The whole environment is in flux and for new artists trying to break into the business it can be a daunting task.

jackfmlogo What I’m really trying to figure out is where the business is going in five years. I really think the Radio business is on the verge of really having to change and there are a couple items that speak to this change — Jackfm and this article covers Jackfm and the business in general.

What the Radio business doesn’t get is that people want to be entertained when they listen to the radio. I think that MP3’s on a MP3 player have become so popular with the masses because radio lost touch with the bottom line — a good radio station has to balance their content, DJ, music and advertising, and entertain people. All three components must be professional and entertaining in their own right.

It is not rocket science!


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