Now I Hate Google

Yea, I know, it is a lame BLOG title — Now I Hate Google! But I really do. I mean what smart geek thought of the feature of supplying the meaning or definitions to a query like “bombast meaning”?

Try it! Go to Google.Com and enter “bombast meaning” and you get the definition. Now some enterprising person at Google had to think of putting that into the search code? Right? Or what is even more sinister to think of is that some person or persons are so damn smart at Google that the search algorithm didn’t need to have a special rule on how to treat the word “meaning” when preceded by one lone word. It just knew that the highest probable result for the user is the definition of the word when followed by the word “meaning.” And Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil.”

Yea, these guys piss me off because they are so much smarter than me and writing really good software. If that isn’t the meaning of evil, I don’t know what is. I hate them so much!

Oh by the way, instead of searching “bombast meaning” for a definition try “bombast definition”. It seems as though Google has taken a few key words and built into the search algorithm code the rule that when those key words follow a single word the top result is the definition from the Wordnet.Princeton.Edu web site.

googlelogoDamn Google to hell!


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