I Hate Apple

imac I’ve always thought Apple products were for non-techies. This is so true because when you purchase an Apple you are purchasing a totally integrated personal computer that requires no technical skills to setup or to add components or software to. Apple has so much control of their platform that EVERYTHING works so well together.

Apple’s software and hardware interfaces are simply the best. Although I will stick with my Windows platform because I still think I have more versatility with choosing my own products and the Windows platform has more third party vendors that supply a greater variety of products.

But, if you don’t like messing around with your computer and you don’t mind a little cost premium for the hardware and software, then I’d suggest you purchase a iMac.

I really think I’m a closet MAC lover!

Here’s a couple of links to videos of new iMAC and iPOD releases from this week. Man, I knew I should have purchased Apple stock in 2000 at, what, $ 4.00 a share? 😉ipod


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