Another Internet Radio Station

So I do a lot of documentation at work. I spend a huge amount of time sitting in front of the computer typing away. Additionally, where I sit seems to be a people traffic lane and there are a lot of distractions.

To escape, I put the headphones on and search out a good Internet radio station. I’ve listened to a lot of stations and have a few observations.

  • Traditional radio is stagnate. They’ve stayed the course with their 500 song play lists and the pre-programmed music is so boring. The DJs have no real personality and add absolutely no value to the process. Hence, I very rarely listen to traditional radio anymore.
  • I’ve lost touch with the new music of the younger generation. Besides the traditional radio stations not playing a variety of music within their format, most of the new POP is just not what I want to hear.
  • Internet radio falls into two categories for me:
    • Professional Traditional Emulators: These Internet stations sound like a traditional station from the play lists, commercials, segways and DJs. These guys suffer from the same old issues – stagnate play lists.
    • Amateur Internet Radio: Although many of these stations are trying to make a buck or two, they lack the experience, technical capabilities and staff to create a professional “feeling” environment. However, many of these stations don’t suffer from the stagnate playlist syndrome.
  • I have found that to get the variety I want, I have to trade off the crisp, organized feel of a professional station for the ma-pa sound of the Amateurs.
  • Now there is another option called Satellite radio. I’ve had the chance to listen to Satellite radio and it has better variety and a professional feel, but lacks the human element. You see, talk radio is so popular now because it brings a human element back to radio. As a listener you interact with the program and become a part of the program. With music radio, though, since the real DJ is extinct, you have no human interaction.

I could always bring in my MP3 collection, but that even lacks what I need. I need to work and not manage music! Just give me a radio job and a staff of two and I’d create the best mid-day show around!

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