To My Parents, Thanks a Lot…

You know, during my teenage years I sorely grew to hate the consistent badgering of my parents, especially my dad. Yea, I grew into a very “smart” teenager who like the ones today seem to “know it all.”

And you know, I hated the fact that it seemed like during those years, I was always being told what to think and how to think. Man did I hate that part of growing up.

BUT, I want to publicly say, THANKS DAD, THANKS MOM. You never stopped trying to make me into a better person. Yea, I know I was a pain in the ass to raise. I know there were times you had to wonder if those “loving” moments really were worth the never-ending agony I was giving you at the time.

I hope you now think it was worth it.

For you see, as I get older, I realize and it really hurts me to admit, but I think the elders have it right — this world gets worse and worse as time marches on.

There are so many examples of the decline of CIVILization and as I grow older, I really find I don’t have the stomach anymore for all the shit people give each other. For instance the New York Times has a article about a seemingly “joyous” gentlemen who is such a blessing to his community — NOT. In fact, over there in England, apparently they have a new class of people called “CHAVS.” These people actually enjoy living like animals. Wow, those Brits really have it all don’t they – royalty, celebrities, politicians and now Chavs.

What has our societies come to? We worship the Gods Called Celebrities. We are fanatical about “staged reality.” It seems the “minority of idiots” make the most noise and get the most attention. It is really sad. Instead of solving real problems, we are distracted by the “idiotic masses” out there.

I don’t know. All this goofiness in the world throws me back to my original thought “Man, I still hate it when my parents are right.”

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