HD-DVD versus Blue Ray

So for you non-techies out there do you care who will win the next media format war? You say you don’t even know what I’m chatting about here? Well, High Definition DVDs are in the early stages of market adoption. Like the great war between VHS and Beta max, what will follow will eventually not be remembered.

But the interesting thing about the next generation DVD war is how the marketing machines of the big companies like Microsoft justify their positions. Little white lies on the technical merits of their choice doesn’t hurt either as this article points out.

Which format is best? I don’t know! In the long run does it really matter? Yea, maybe it does, but for most consumers the black veil of ignorance is blessed. The bottom line is to make the next generation DVD better than today and cheaper.

Oh yea, and don’t make me have to have two different players to deal with your multiple formats – I have enough remote controls already and don’t need another one.

And finally, can’t we all just get along. Jeeze, we have so much violence in the world, can’t the DVD techies come together in harmony over a simple little silver disc that entertains us?

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