A Perfect Golfing Moment: Part II

So I am an avid golfer. Funny, as I think of what to say for this entry, I remember my dad’s dis-taste for golf. From his words, I really don’t think he ever thought of golf as a true “sport”. You know, when I was younger and with much less experience, I would generally have agreed with him. I grew up playing all types of sports, but mainly football. Then, with that perspective, golf seemed so passive and “easy”.


But as anyone who has ever picked up a golf club can attest, hitting a little ball where you want it to go is pretty damn hard and requires a lot of attention and practice. Yea, I know. It is somewhat easy to take a club and hit the ball in the general direction you are aiming, but to really strike the ball and make it land within fifteen feet of your target at 200, 150 or even 65 yards is to say the least “damn” hard.

I’ve been playing golf seriously for about eight years now. I define serious as at least once a week and most the time twice a week. Yesterday, I had a great day on the golf course and I wrote an email to my friends in celebration. My only regret is that my dad never played the game, because I know that if he had done so, he would understand that golf is a sport and that to play it well requires much from the player.

From: Herschel Horton
Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2005 11:05 PM
To: Friends
Subject: The Sequel: A Golfing “Perfect Moment” II
Wow, has it really been three years since I achieved the first pillar of golf – breaking 80? For you non golfers out there, there are four pillars of golf:

  • Shooting below 80
  • Shooting PAR Golf
  • Shooting below PAR
  • And breaking 70.

I can tell you with my game of golf I have traveled on a long journey to finally master two of the four pillars. Yes, today, the elements and planets came together and for 18 holes I played PAR golf. Finally, my second “Perfect Moment”!!!

Let me tell you, it never gets easier to shoot lower. After a great front nine of 35, each hole increased the pressure and stress of what I “could” do. Finally, on the 18th par five I had to withstand the pressure of hitting five shots to score 72. When I finally sank the put for par, the pressure off, I could celebrate a wonderful moment.

Yea, I know, it’s just a game. Big deal! But yea, for a moment, it was a big deal. Yea, for a moment “my” world was all good and at peace.

Again, I’d like to thank the golfing buddies who have been there for the good rounds and the bad rounds over the years! Today’s warriors on the course with me were Terry Phillips, Maria Phillips and Brandon Phillips.


Here’s the scoring rundown at The Creek at Hard Labor:

Front Nine
Distance       419   305   139   317   147   424   297   504   388   Out
Par                 4     4        3       4       3       5       4       5       4       36
Score             4     5        4       4       2 4      3        4       5 35

Back Nine
Distance       359   306   129   495   157   338   436   397   486   In      Out
Par                 4       4       3       5       3       4       4       4       5     36     72
Score             4       4       3       5       3       4       5       4       5     37     72

From: Herschel Horton
Sent: Thursday, July 04, 2002 11:59 PM
To: Friends
Subject: There is a such thing as a “Perfect Moment”

Hopefully, this will not be too sappy, but I had to write something down to remember this day!!

To all those who share my passion for the four letter word “GOLF.”

Today we celebrate the memorial of America’s Independence from tyranny and oppression. Well, on a much smaller scale, today will forever mark the freedom, for at least one day, from the oppression and tyranny of the golf course for me. For today, I broke the barrier of the number eighty (80) for the first time.

Yes, today, under the clear, blue, Georgia skies, I shot a seventy-seven (77) at Hard Labor Creek in Rutledge. From the white tees I managed a course and the conditions that has for years oppressed me and taken so many of my golf balls, and so much of my blood, sweat, tears and of course plenty of my money.

I can’t tell you the sheer joy and exhilaration I felt as the last put went in on the 18th hole. Although I did not win a million bucks as a PGA professional does when they break through and win on the PGA Tour, my little achievement will be for me one of those perfect moments.

As with any achievement in life I do have people to thank. My golfing companions today, Betsy Horton, Maria Phillips and Terry Phillips. For without Terry keeping me grounded, I would have for sure blew up as I have done so many times before. I also have to thank those of you who have played with me in the past. For without great golfing buddies, I would not keep playing!

Us golfers live for a day like today! So, I send this to my friends who will appreciate what I went through today and it is my hope that one day each and everyone of you will feel a perfect moment as I did today! 


Here is the scoring:
Front Nine
Distance    359    306    129    495    157    338    436    397    486    Out
Par                4        4         3        5         3        4        4         4         5        36 
Score            5        4         3        5         3        4        6         4         6        40

Back Nine
Distance    419    305    139    317    147    424    297    504    388    In    Out
Par                4        4         3        4         3        5        4         5         4     36     72
Score            5        4         4        4         3        4        3         5         5     37     77


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