Sometimes it is VERY OK to take it EASY!

honeymoonsunset So I got married on August 6th to a wonderful gal, took a three week honeymoon and gained about 3.5 pounds! The net result is that I’m very relaxed 🙂 because we really needed a break from the daily grind to start our lives together! After a week we even let ourselves enjoy a Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar each night! So, some time it is very, very OK to take it easy and not worry about how much you weigh!

But, after my sixty minute run on the treadmill today I could really feel each and every mile and knew that the vacation cost me some fitness! It seemed like starting over except that I could keep myself running, although I ran at a much slower pace!

So, now I know I can reliably loose about a pound a week with moderate exercising three to four times a week and watching what and how much I eat. My next test is to really go radical with a diet. Starting tomorrow I’ll do Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch and then eat a couple of bowls of cereal for dinner. I’ll throw in some fruit when I’m feeling hungry. I’m going to give this diet four weeks and see what the results will be.

Wish me luck!


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