Yahoo Music Follow-up

OK, so the other day I BLOG’d about Yahoo Music. After about five days of listening to this free service, this is just a short suggestion to the Marketing and Operations people at Yahoo Music.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE advertising to fill the service, then please don’t play the “Green Day in Atlanta” commercial 10 times an hour.

I get it — Green Day is going to play in Atlanta. They call it the “American Idiot” tour. Well… even though Yahoo Music is free, it is idiotic for them to repeat one commercial so much because If I get tired enough I’m bailing on them!


Update, one hour later… I’ve turned off Yahoo MUSIC! I can’t take the same damn commercial.

And on a related note: YAHOO MUSIC and any other idiotic business that doesn’t publish an email or phone number on their website so customers can contact a human being who can take complaints — YOU ARE PLAINLY STUPID. Customers are your lifeline and you can’t give them an outlet to complain and make suggestions for your product, you will go out of business eventually. YAHOO MUSIC are you listening? Because I am not. I’ll come back after 8/23 when Greenday has gone through Atlanta just so I don’t have to hear that annoying commercial for the 100th time.

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