I Swear, I Should Get Paid for This!

ymusic OK, so, admittedly, I have no clue as to what the proper procedures are for doing reviews. For me, my blog is a way to communicate with my disconnected friends and family. And in case I get whacked on the head and suffer from amnesia, I’ll have a place of reference for what I thought at one time.

Hmmm… do we really want to remember that which we thought at one time? Oh well…

I digressed. So, I enjoy blocking out the ambient noises at work so I can concentrate on writing great, thoughtful emails! “Yea right” you say if you work with me! I’ve toyed around with bringing in my own MP3’s, but that gets tiring as I don’t really have the time or desire to setup play lists and haven’t found a player that really moves between the different genre’s of my collection as well as I’d like.

I’ve recently been playing with Yahoo Music. The free version is pretty damn good and unless I crank up the volume to much on my Bose Quiet Comfort 2’s the quality is down right acceptable. Whoever created the Yahoo Music personalization feature did a good job. The more I rate music, the better the AI (artificial intelligence) selects music from my chosen genres. Now, there are still some bugs here and there, but nothing that keeps you from enjoying the product. And remember, it is free! You can purchase the Plus package to not get commercials, but heck, I don’t care as there is not a lot of commercials anyway. Beats the heck out of listening to traditional radio. I think that it would be nice if Internet Radio, like Yahoo Music, would have a DJ come periodically and do a little two minute report on a song or artist to give some background on the music I like listening to. Oh, well, you can’t have it all!

I read somewhere last week where Yahoo is trying to buy into the music distribution business. Well, I don’t know about all that, but I can tell you they’ve done more than an acceptable job at offering personalized radio. Give it a gander and let me know what you think.

Link to Yahoo Music’s Website

Link to My Yahoo Music Radio Station.


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