Virtual Six Degrees Thoughts

What is vSix Degrees? Well, most everyone knows about the Six Degrees of Separation where the theory is that we know someone who knows some one and if you go through six of those connections, you get to anyone in the world. I think it is simply a math thing, where I admittedly can’t add it up! But practically I’ve found that the numbers work.

Well, I started thinking about blogging and Six Degrees of Separation and realized that with BLOGGING we have virtual six degrees of separation. In my Sharp reader I have nine personal blogs that I read daily (Joiner, Scoble, Joel, Marcus, Myself, Winer, Wheaton, Boortz and Cringely). Of the nine I personally know three of the writers well, and have met one other of the writers. So more than half of the blogs I read are written by strangers, yet I know each of them pretty well from their BLOGS.

I had an argument with my friend Rory who doesn’t have a blog and honestly doesn’t want one because he is a private person. I think he wants to be President one day and surely doesn’t want to write about himself now! šŸ™‚ But I can respect his need to be private.

You see, to blog you have to be willing to give up a part of you to the public. Who knows what will come of these words in 1000 years. Maybe some poor soul will be doing a research paper on the 21 century and will read the accounts herein and wonder “Wow, how prehistoric where these people.”

But anyway, I digressed. Being born in the late sixties and growing up with Start Trek, Star


Wars and the new sci-fi world, a close friend of ours died the other day. I must have gotten at least six emails about James Doohan’s passing from my friends. Scotty was to us sci-fi kids the “go to” guy. Yea, we know that Kirk always got the glory, but each of us knew that without the guts lead by Scotty, Enterprise would be “just another bucket of bolts.”

So, even though I didn’t know “Jimmy” as Wil Weaton does, I’ll be able to one day learn more of the man behind the character who inspired me in some way to reach higher than I might otherwise have done.

And so with the world of blogging I am a little closer to the people I share this world with. Maybe instead of six degrees, it’s five and a half.

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