Really Getting Into Heart Rate Training

So I’ve been really ranting about over the past month or so to my friends and anyone who will listen/read about Heart Rate Training using my friend’s borrowed Polar heart rate monitor.

Last night I got on the treadmill and really tested my heart rate at different speeds and elevations. It is really interesting how you can move your running/walking speed down and increase the incline to achieve the same heart rate. I’ve found that walking with an incline is easier on my body, but at the same time sustains a great heart rate.

Here’s my boring numbers:
1 Mile; 09:30; 6.5 mph; 00 degrees incline; 170 bpm
2 Mile; 19:00; 6.5 mph; 00 degrees incline; 170 bpm
3 Mile; 34:30; 3.8 mph; 10 degrees incline; 170 bpm
4 Mile; 49:30; 4.0 mph; 00 degrees incline; 140 bpm
4.25 Mile; 55:00; 3.0 mph; 00 degrees incline; 125 bpmhearttrainingchart

Here’s a nice little graph where I try to depict what’s going on with my run. I also came across a good article about the Heart’s response to exercise (link here and here).

Now, what’s going to be interesting is to find out over a long period of time how much my heart rate changes during the run as I get in better shape.


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