214 And Still Counting

WOW! Last week I traveled to Colorado Springs for work related fun šŸ™‚ and knew I fell off the “good eating habits” wagon — I just knew it. I did though have a bout with a nasty piece of Sushi and for about a day and a half didn’t have much control of the digestive processes — sorry, had to give some history there.

So, last night after my forty five minute run on the treadmill of tears I jumped on the trusty scale and low and behold it gave me the news of 214 pounds. Wow, I was expecting 220 or so and just couldn’t believe it. I guess when you get a little sick, your mind disconnects a bit from your body. So, still on my way down the scale (226, 224).

About two weeks ago I made a change to my treadmill workout whereas I shortened the distance and running rate, but added hill work. This keeps my heart rate up and reduces the impact to my body — a good balance it seems.

polarAdditionally, I borrowed a friends Polar heart rate monitor and have really gotten into target heart rate training. Like I’ve said previously, you’ve got to exercise three to four times a week and you can’t do it by trying to cram all your exercising into a couple of highly intensive sessions. Consistency is the key!

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