Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

So I’m not this die-hard Windows addict like so many technologist tend to be about their chosen pet technology. I tend to use technologies for what they can give me – sort of like using a hammer to hit a nail and not to open a bottle of wine. And I don’t get religious about the technologies I use – can you say the same?

battlefield I digressed. Anyway, I’ve got an old Nvidia 5200 Personal Cinema card and my friends all went out and got Battlefield 2, since we like to relax with a great game of killing each other! Well… unfortunately with technology it tends to GET OLD – go figure! Of course, my video card is a couple years old and way past prime time. So, I’ll have to upgrade and try to re-use the 5200 for a media center PC I’ve been thinking about building.

bsod Anyway, with the background completed, during the whole process of installing Battlefield 2 I had to update the NVIDIA drivers and whilst rebooting my workstation last night I got the dreaded Windows BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! No, Darth Vader did not initiate this, but Darth Windoz didn’t like the new drivers and flush, the sound of crap going down the toilet suddenly appeared. Well, the machine rebooted and I had to go into safe mode.

I thought to myself, damn, I’m going to have to spend time to re-install the original drivers, where is that stupid CD, and I could just see myself getting pissed at the wasted time to come. Well, and here’s the “credit where credit is due” spill, WINDOWS has the System Restore feature. Yes, the geniuses at Microsoft got it right. Apparently, whenever you install a new program or do some type of system change, the operating system actually remembers the last good known configuration and if you ask it to, it will restore you back to that point.

So I ask to restore to the day before and within five minutes my machine was running as it was before — sort of like Groundhog Day!

So, the next time I’m in Redmond, I would like to find the one person who is responsible for System Restore in XP and buy them a beer or whatever they fancy because THEY GOT IT RIGHT! and saved me time and a lot of moans and groans.

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