So much to find on the Internet

So I’ve been blogging for a while now. I’ve really tried to make my blog interesting by writing about things that are personal to me and hopefully in some way I might write something that helps someone out in some way. Unlike many blogs out there, I really don’t think that I have a “specialty” to write about like a Scoble or Joel, who are really technologist. I just write about my life.

wilwheaton Since blogging has really taken off this year, I’ve often wondered where it is going to go over the long haul. Today, Slashdot had a link to a conversation with Wil Wheaton, who if you remember played the boy genius on Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you have any interest in how Hollywood actors think, his BLOG seems to be genuine and not just a public relations web site. You may not like some of his thoughts, but never the less, he’s got some interesting things to say.

The point is this, mainstream people like Wil Wheaton and even Neil Boortz (radio talk show host) are adopting a BLOGGING approach to communicating to a new audiences.

Hey, Robert, mainstream blogging isn’t in the future, it is now! So for anyone who reads these words at any point in time, my suggestion is to start BLOGGING, Pod Casting, Picture Blogging — anything. Communicate and get engaged in the world around you!


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