Thinking About Six Degrees

So my friends, Ralph and Judy, started on a long, long, long trip from Key West, ralphandjudytrip02

Flordia to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska — and did it in 30 days — riding their motorcycles!

Congratulations Ralph and Judy!

You know, many of us throughout our lives tend to worry about the day-to-day things we have to do like work, school and such. I know I get tired of the routines of my life more than I care to.

For some reason, following my friend’s adventure of a life time seems to make me feel good about my life. You see, these two didn’t have to share this with us, but they did! And that’s what is wonderful about them and what is so amazing about the new world of instant communications! With our busy lives we still can find ways to share with each other the stories of our adventures and the story of our lives.

Here Ralph and Judy celebrate with the bear on the Artic Ocean ice. How truly wonderful! To read a little about their adventure, visit


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