I feel like a multi-level marketing dude now!

So, a couple of friends of mine are into motorcycle riding and I AIN’T talking about put-zing around the town for an hour or so. Ralph and Judy are into what’s called IRON BUTT riding. This is where you get on a motorcycle and ride for like 20-30 hours at a time, hence, your Ass needs to be like a piece of IRON to do it.

So, they are celebrating the kids leaving the nest by taking a leisurely 30 day IRON BUTT ride from Key West, Florida to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Yep, you are not getting old, these two are going to ride their motorbikes somewhere around 5000 miles in 30 days. Slide ruler in hand and noodle booting up says that will be about 166 miles a day. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, to my recollection Ralph said less than 100 men have done the trip and no woman has ever done it. So, it must be difficult.

So, to help them out I installed and configured a blogging tool for Ralph and Judy to use during the trip. Here are a couple of links for the whole affair. Ralph’s base site – http://www.roadtripjournals.com, and a direct link to the BLOG – http://www.roadtripjournals.com/jdblog.

Yes, I now feel like I’ve done my part for the BLOGGING community by bringing on line new blood — sorta like multi-level marketing. Now, if I could only get some revenue from their content!

Good luck to Ralph and Judy!



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