224 And Counting

So I got on the scales Friday the 25th of March and behold it said 226. Well, I realize that my body’s physiological makeup and my habits equate to gaining weight if I don’t 1) eat well and 2) exercise.

This past week I decided not to worry about my eating habits and to just eat as normal. But, on the other hand I stayed the course with my tread-mill running routine. The results of this very poorly structured pseudo-scientific test was that I lost two pounds.

After looking at my running log I ran about nineteen and a half miles in about 190 minuets — near the 10 minute per mile average. The interesting fact is that I did a Google search on “Calorie Pound” and found a neat little “Loose One Pound” calculator that when you enter your age and weight it will calculate how long different activities will take to loose one pound. The interesting fact is that running at 6 miles per hour will take around 203 minutes to loose 3500 calories — pretty close.

So, this week I’m going to try to eat better and we’ll see how it goes. This week, I’d like to see about three or four pounds of weight loss and still manage to run the same amount of time, distance and effort.

I’ll report on the results. Just remember, keep working at your health and fitness — it’s better than doing nothing at all.


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