Sometimes I Post Because I Need To

Do you know what separates a great weBLOG from a so-so, yawner? I guess to have a great BLOG you have to have something to say and say it often. I don’t know, maybe you need to be an expert at something that people want to learn of. Well, I’m neither. I’m simply going through life the best I can and every now and then I have something to say that’s either informative or at least entertaining.SeattleSkyline

Well, tonight, I had nothing funny or entertaining to really speak of, but I do have this nice picture I took in Seattle during the Christmas-New Years holiday. I really enjoy Seattle because when I go there I have no stress and I’m visiting with family and friends that I dearly care about.

So, here’s the picture and at least “the picture” made me post to my BLOG because I needed to!

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