TreadmillYou’ve got to be kidding me as I adjusted the scale for the 2nd time – two hundred and twenty six pounds. That really sucks! Just a mere sixteen pounds over my lowest weight for the past two years. Damn, after thirty it seems like just looking at food causes my beautiful little fat cells to just “swell right on up!”

Oh well, at least my running lately is getting better. I’m slowly working down my time and increasing my distance. I’ll get the twenty six pounds off before the wedding, you just wait and see!

On a almost related item – is it wrong to find out that your local, big chain, grocery store has a “scan right guarantee” and two days in a row they neglect to fix the sale price scan of a pack of twenty-four soda pops? Result? FREEBEE! I don’t know, tonight as I informed them that the product didn’t scan correctly again and informed them that the “scan right guarantee” meant the product should be free I felt a little guilty. Should I have?

Maybe instead of drinking cheap soda pop, I should drink water – I keep reminding myself of the number 226 now! Thanks a lot big chain grocery store for not keeping your scan prices working correctly!


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