This Is Why America Is Great

If you live in the US and pay attention to talk radio you’ve most likely heard of this controversy. Ward Churchill is a professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He’s published a book and written an essay that is to say the least “controversial.”

I don’t really have the time nor the desire to really go into my views about his opinions. After reading some of his writings one of my first thoughts were “this is why it is great to be in America.” For you see in America, you are free to say whatever you want to say (almost :-)). Although Professor Churchill and I apparently live in two different realities, we both at least live in a common, free, society, where we are really free from oppression of thought.

Here are a couple of links on this subject.
“Some People Push Back” On the Justice of Roosting Chickens, written by Ward Churchill.
Neil Bortz’s rant about Professor Churchill’s writings.


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