You Can’t Escape Management

Just the other day I wrote about my back pain and my suffrage. You see, my back problems have interrupted my normal physical activities going on two and a half years now. I started playing Racquetball at an early age and really have made it a part of my life-long exercise regiment, except for these past two years or so. After talking to my good friend and racquetball partner, Billy, I decided I would just have to “manage” the pain and that got me thinking in general about management.

As I observe in my professional and personal life, there’s a lot of people who dis-like management. For whatever reason they’ve grown to despise the way managers manage, the decisions managers make and the results those managers achieve.

But here’s the reality — we all have to manage! Yes, at the bare minimum we have to manage “ourselves” and it is this realization that I really don’t think people want to accept. To me, management on the simplest level is accepting responsibility for the actions of one’s self and those we are given charge over. I know, I know, most people would say “oh what a stupid BLOG entry, he’s only saying the obvious.”

Am I though? How many people do you really know who take full ownership of their lives and really manage themselves well? I can tell you that I fall short of my own expectations more than I’d like to admit. But, the reality is that we are all managers of some sort. So, the sooner you accept responsibility for the direction of your life, the sooner you may be able to really set yourself free and you might find that management isn’t so bad!


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