I’ve Been Scobleized, Sorta

Original Publication Date: December 2nd, 2004; 10:32 AM

So I’ve been blogging, not so regularly though, for a while now and have been reading Robert Scoble’s BLOG for a year or so now. He’s got a lot of traction in the BLOGging world, but his BLOG is mostly related to the Technical world and hence why I read him. For my non-techie friends Scoble is also interesting because he’s been on the front-end of the BLOGging movement. I’ve written previously that BLOGing is the next big thing in the Internet. Reading Scoble and his linkends (Friends he links to) helps me formulate and better understand the evolution of BLOGging.

I’ve been working at the Microsoft Redmond campus this week on a work related project and took the time to send Robert an email to see if he could come by and discuss BLOGging in the corporate world and the BLOGging trend in general. To my surprise he came by and our forty five minute conversation yielded some interesting insights.

I’ve got some fresh ideas that I’ve got to think about when it comes to BLOGging at work and personally. I think one of my problems is that instead of just BLOGging what comes to my mind, I tend to think to much of what people will read into my writings instead of just writing what I think. You see, I don’t want to have a boring BLOG, just as I don’t want to be boring or have a boring life. But I can’t just sit around waiting for something wonderful to come to mind before I BLOG. I want my BLOG to represent me and tell people what I think and what I’m experiencing throughout my journey called life. Not all of the entries are going to be jaw-dropping exciting. But every now and then maybe a thought will be.

As for Robert, his personality is close to what I had in my mind. He’s interesting to talk to and has passion for his job and for his thoughts, which is a good thing.

Again, I hope you’ll start a BLOG… when you do, please let me know.


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