Starting Over Sucks

So, I went on the road for three weeks and then had an auto accident and boom, eight pounds heavier after two months — that SUCKS!

Today, my knee felt better so I start back on the treadmill. Can I tell you that it sucked? Somewhere in my past I read/heard that each of us has a general level of fitness. When we work out of course we increase our fitness level, but if for any reason we stop working out for each week we are not active we will loose about ten percent of what we previously gained. So after a couple of months, you are almost back to square one.

Although I’m not sure of the science or truth behind that statement, practically it feels that way to me as I start over and man, did I tell you that it SUCKS?

So, eight pounds heavier and I’ve got to get ready for Christmas day dinner. I’m going to have to slowly work back up to my old running speed and really start watching what I eat. For me, that seems to be the hardest part of living healthy — eating well.

So, wish me luck and remember, it is easier to workout a little everyday than starting over after no activity cause like I said previously — starting over really sucks!

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