Sometimes You Have to Loose to WIN!

If you know me, you already know that I stay pretty busy. I seem to have a hundred hobbies and am always looking for something new to try! Either I have adult-ADD or I truly enjoy learning and being exposed to new things.

So last week at work I started feeling down about the pervasive attitude of year-end spending sprees. If you’ve ever worked at a big company, at the end of the year, so many groups that have unspent, budget monies and want to get it spent or they risk loosing it or WORSE if they spend it next year it goes against next year’s budget (what a concept). The corporate budgeting process either needs an overhaul or the people doing it need an overhaul – take your choice.

In my current capacity, my team is responsible for server architecture and we are the gate keepers on server and storage purchase requests. Well, when you are a gate keeper and people outside of the gate are clamoring to get in, you can’t always do your job one hundred percent right. Sometimes, you have to open the gate without conducting the proper credential review and sometimes dumb things get done.

But we had one group wanting to do a colossal project without a proper review and it seemed as though it was going to get done. Well, I was so GLOOM and DOOM about the whole thing until my group’s senior manager and director got involved and said “No, let’s look at this and do the right thing.”

The moral of this story is to keep fighting for the right thing and realize that sometimes you have to take casualties in some battles to win the war!


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