It Is A Great Day!

It is a great day today to be an American. Although this year’s Presidential election seemed filled with venomous fighting between the two parties, the world again was shown that Democracy indeed works! It looks like John Kerry is conceding this afternoon and the country can hopefully get back to business and get busy solving problems.

IF there is anyone out there reading this that can make a difference in our political world, this is my wish list for the next four years:

  • Balance budget – all levels of government MUST learn how to manage their budgets and not go into debt to finance the activities of governing the people.

  • National Debt – will Hell have to freeze over before we pay off the national debt?

  • Social Security Privatization – I realize that the current Social Security system will not be there for me when I’m ready to retire. I also realize we must honor our commitments to our senior citizens and continue to provide retirement benefits. However, I would like the government get out of the retirement business and let ME take my hard earned money and manage my retirement. I think I can get a better return than they are getting now.

  • Taxes – I’d like to see all levels of government do more with less of my money, just as I’ve been asked to do in my life!

  • Kill the bad guys – Keep diligent on rooting out the bad guys that want to kill innocent people.

Now, if we can see fifty percent of my requests fulfilled, then I would say that the next four years will not be wasted.

Link of interest: National Debt Clock,

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