Control Equals Works

Ok, I admit it, sometimes I’m lazy. Sometimes I just take the easy way when doing something. There… are you happy you pushed me to say that.

I could use a WEBlog service such as (there are many others as well) and never have to worry about the configuration and uptime of my BLOG and additionally my personal website. But, on one hand I hate the entire process of running my own server and on the other hand don’t feel comfortable with MY stuff under someone else’s control.

So I choose the first option and with it there is pain. Like if you domain name expires ( and since I changed Internet providers I didn’t get the notification that my domain name was expiring. So, I had to deal with a goofy situation with the domain name service provider — it was mess. I opted to totally change domain names.

With that brilliant idea I had to go back through most of my content and remove the old domain name, replacing it with the new one. Let me just say that not all my chosen applications, including this blogging application, deal with the domain name change issue nicely.

And on top of everything I’ve been busy at work and in my personal life. Whoa is me! The choices we make and choices we don’t make can bite us hard in the ass at times! But, the good news is that I’ve got this domain name for two years and hopefully it will be stable for that time period.

Moral of the story — if you want to have control, you had better be willing to pay the price and do the hard leg work throughout the process.

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