Now Let Their Be Pictures (PLOG)

Over the past few weeks I’ve done a lot of work with my BLOG and now a PLOG (picture web log). I’ve moved my website(s) to a new server that I have full access to and I’ve change the PLOG application to nGallery. As with any migration there were issues, but I got most of them ironed out. Now I have to add pictures to the new nGallery as my old picture gallery application doesn’t have an export feature and I’m too lazy to really get into coding a migration tool.

If you work in the Information Technology field, application migrations are like the number one pain in the a** thing to do. There’s always something that wasn’t documented for the application installation or customization. With the Open Source world, I’ve learned that if you have patience, you can get your issue resolved. With the installation of nGallery I had a problem and had to submit a support question to an open forum devoted to nGallery. In a couple of days I got a response that fixed the problem. Apparently, people that work on open source projects have a passion for their code and want other people to be able to use their product — pride in ones work goes a long way!

So, now you can subscribe to my PLOG at or go there through your browser by clicking here. You don’t have any idea how to subscribe? For all my non-RSS savy friends, go to and download this RSS feed reader. RSS is really nice and the entire web is moving toward it as a publishing mechanism. If you really want to find out about RSS click here and read up on it.

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