Excuse Me, What did I say?

Original Publication Date: July 19th, 2004; 10:47 PM

I have to say that making a point to write in one’s public BLOG regularly is at times a big pain in the buttocks! I mean, what do I really want to say to the world? How often do I want to say it and honestly, is anyone really interested? While driving home the other day from working out I happen to catch Sean Hannity talking to Ann Culter. Culter is a writer and she talked about procrastination when it comes to getting her work done.

Well, she has no idea that I’m the KING OF PROCRASTINATION. I surely enjoy having lively discussions and am genuinely interested in other people’s opinions (OPO), but I find that writing down my opinions and thoughts regularly is at times a pain. If I go for a couple of weeks without posting a opinion I start to feel guilty. Just like being on a health and fitness program, sometimes you just struggle with getting things done. But, I’ve put a good bit of time into this web site and to be honest I think that if you are going post web log entries you should, 1) do it often, 2) make it worthwhile for someone to read and 3) keep it honest.

So here is today’s short rant:
I’ve got to make some changes in the utilization of my personal time. I’ve got to get better at managing my time during the week after I get off work! I have some side things I’m working on and in order to be successful in those ventures, I need to stop PROCRASTINATING and just Do ITTM. Anyone have any good ideas for getting things done when you’re trying to do something that you are admittedly bad at doing?


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