Interesting View On Blogging

Who are we? What do we want with our lives? What’s the purpose for our existence? Philosophers have asked these questions for countless generations. How does philosophy and WEB LOGS (BLOGS) relate? Ah, very good question — you are now a philosophy apprentice! 🙂

But seriously, I like reading and hearing other people’s opinions, even if I don’t like what they say. Cringely’s, Revenge of Nerds and PBS (Public Broadcasting Service columnist), recent “column” suggest definitions for Blogs. His views are interesting and on a deeper level very philosophical.

The simplest definition for the word BLOG is this: the desire to communicate in written form. Like many words in the English language that define the same “thought”, Web Log and BLOG are just new expressions for the a technological implementation of an old desire — the desire to be heard.

For being heard satisfies one of the most basic desires of humans — to be acknowledge. For being acknowledge by our fellow human beings validates our existence. Sure, I agree to some extent with Bob Cringely that most of the BLOGS out there are “… so boring.” But this is the beauty of the medium and technology. Out of our “boring” day to day existence life thrives and humans create beautiful things and at times can communicate thoughts that make a difference to each other.

Cringely doesn’t believe his “column” is a BLOG because I guess he’s paid professionally to write it (my interpretation), “… it predates web logs” and “I [Cringely] use too darned many words to be a web log, for one thing, and too darned few links.”

Well… to be honest if Bob wants to call it an online column, “The Pulpit” or even FOO, I don’t care. The “New School” BLOGGERS out there will simply call it a BLOG. The bottom line is that I acknowledge his existence and am glad that he has a BLOG :-)!


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