The New Worker Bee

I recently returned from a vacation from the Philippines and as such have a different outlook on life here in America. I’ll write my vacation BLOG some time this weekend when I have more time and a better mind-set. With this new outlook I’m having a bit of trouble putting today’s activities at my company into a good perspective. For you see, today, my company is once again laying off about twenty percent of the workforce or roughly 8,000 people. If you’ve read any of my BLOG entries you know that I work for the company that went through the largest bankruptcy in American business history — WorldCom.

Over the past three years our company has went through to say the least a boat-load of scandals and changes. We are a totally different company now than before the scandals hit, but we are still in the process of coping with not only inter-company inefficiencies, but external, industry changes.

You see, in business, just as in life, change is constant. In the telecommunications business, the technological changes are occurring daily. A couple days ago, while purchasing a new cell phone plan, I told the salesman of the upcoming layoffs and I made a comment that our industry is really going to change over the next five years. His comment that “our industry will always be in a constant state of change“ was simply put but really significant. We are in a technology field and as such will always have to create new products, features and business processes to deal with these technological advances.

Unfortunately, many companies like mine have not learned how to be fluent with change. But here is the real reality I have come to understand. Not only do companies need to be fluent with change, but US humans as individuals have to be capable to deal with change. In today’s global world, I think the future belongs to the individuals who can see change, embrace it and profit from it. Sadly, the days of the thirty-year company worker are fading fast. Individuals must be prepared financially, emotionally and cerebrally to survive these changing times.

None of this realization changes the fact that what’s going to happen to 8,000 people today frankly SUCKS! I’ve been laid off before and it’s not a good thing. My only hope is that as the future continues to come ashore in ever increasing pounding waves, we all get better prepared so that we all can continue to prosper and be happy.


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