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Do you know what a BLOG is? Well… just in case you don’t, it is an on line, Internet based, journal – Web Log (BLOG). I’ve been writing for a long time and over the past couple years have put some thoughts up on the Internet for everyone to read.

At first, I wrote a BLOGGING tool that published and managed my web entries. Although I can program, my biggest problem is that I don’t have enough personal time to update the code that ran my old blog. And here lies the dilemma — I can’t update my own BLOGGING tool with the features I want in a timely manner. So, as the activity of blogging has gotten more popular, there are people out there with what seems to be endless amounts of time and energy who have written these really neat blogging tools. This new program I recently installed is packed full of great tools and features that I wanted and until recently where not available. But now they are and on top of everything, they are FREE. The current blogging engine hosting my blog is an Open Source project called DasBlog (

So for you non-techies, just know that I’m happy that I have a new application to help me with my Internet blogging. Do you have a blog? If so send me note and I’ll link to you and if you don’t have a blog then you should. There are gazillions of free blogging hosters out there — simply Google “free weblog hosting” and you’ll get a bunch of links. If you didn’t know this by now, blogging is the next big thing on the Internet. The last big thing was email, but as of last year or so email has become so OLD SCHOOL. 😉

Oh yea, almost forgot to mention one of the neat new features of my BLOG is that you can now comment on my BLOG entries. Feel free to respond and give me your opinions about my opinions.


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