How It Hurts So Good

So did I tell you one of MY ways of getting the fat off is to push myself hard to achieve the Good Pain? Well, growing up at the beginning of the fitness crave, my coaches used four words to motivate us – “No Pain, No Gain!”

Well… now being more enlightened about fitness we know that those four words are not entirely true. But if this works for you then great, but if it doesn’t work for you don’t fret. All I know is that this strategy does work for me. For after I push myself through a hard run and achieve a personal best, I feel much better about my progress.

Ahh, but I know that for the long term of fifty years, it is more important to be consistent than to work hard for while and then quit for a while and then start back working hard again like a yo-yo.

Consistency is the key to any Health, Wellness and Fitness program!

But after pushing myself today on the treadmill for an average of 7:55 per mile for three miles, I feel really great about my progress. Pushing my times lower and lower keeps the boring runs like a game that I can win every day!

Make your fitness activities fun and enjoyable and the pain doesn’t seem that bad and you’ll be much more consistent over the long haul.

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