I’m So Tired…

I don’t know, maybe I think and ponder about things a little to much. Over the past several days I’ve realized that I am tired of many thoughts bouncing around between my ears lately. As I was discussing this subject with a friend of mine at work today, I realized that most of us generally will discard many of the disgusting thoughts we have when we have abso-freaking-lutely no way of changing what we are thinking about that disgusts us.HLC8thtee

So, somewhere down deep in our subconscious we chunk these thoughts. But every now and then they will surface and we have to deal with them for a time until we can bury them yet again.
And this is what brings me to write what I’m tired of…

  • waking up each day to the news on the radio that yet another human being has taken the life of another human being for whatever reason. How many years and how many murders and killings will occur before humans stop these dreadful deeds?
  • hearing that certain human beings continue to dictate that their beliefs are supreme and that anyone who doesn’t believe as they do are inferior and deserve some type of punishment or death. I guess you could call me a hypocrite here for I believe that my belief of “freedom for all” is superior to any belief that would enslave someone to a belief system that they do not subscribe to. The difference between me and many who do not believe as I do is that I believe that YOU have the FREEDOM to CHOOSE what you believe.  And as a bonus, I will not kill you for not believing as I do. Humans must choose what they believe — any other system is simply slavery. If you choose slavery then that’s fine by me. I have a lot of work that needs to be done for pennies on the dollar. BUTT, and here is a real biggie — I will KILL you to defend my FREEDOM if you intend to take it away from me by unlawful means. We could discuss lawful and unlawful means, but that’s another Web Log. I am not a pacifist and believe that the price of freedom is very costly. 
  • human beings using GOD as an excuse to kill each other or to try to control each other.  You know, as far as I know, I have not had direct communiqués with God. I will tell you that if God tells me to do something to harm another human being a bush “better be a burning” and his voice better echo louder than thunder. For before I go kill someone in God’s name I will be damn sure he told me to do it. If you know me at all it will most likely take him at least three times of telling me to do something before I take action J. I just have huge problem with zealots who use God’s name to justify their sins on humanity.
  • politicians! There has to be a better system of conducting the art and science of government than what is currently being done, which is the art and science of deception.
  • people who think that their time is more valuable than mine. The last time I checked, we all have a limited amount of time on this Earth. Hence, the next time you cut me off in traffic to get ahead in line that only saves you five seconds; you might want to think twice. Who knows when this brain will boil over!
  • of worrying about the future — will humans wipe themselves off the face of the Earth with all those Nukes? What stupid act will cause a chain of events that drags us all down the stinking drain together?

You know I could sit here and really vomit all my inner fears and disgust all over this page, but to what purpose will it serve. Let me summarize that at times I feel so utterly tired. But then give me a day or two and I start seeing the brighter side of humanity and the awesome capabilities we have as a group.

If we could ever, as a group and as individuals follow ten simple commandments written down thousands of years ago our societies would be so much better off. Even if you don’t subscribe to a higher power, just the mere logic would tell you it is a good idea to treat each other with respect, compassion and love. And I guarantee you I would never tire of that!


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