2003 Year-End Round Up

Hello All! I dearly hope that 2003 was a happy and enjoyable year for everyone. For me, it seemed as though the year flew by without allowing me to take a breath. But then again, I think when you are happy; life has a way of moving just a little bit easier! As most of you know, I managed to stay employed at MCI as the company continues to re-organize and attempts to come out of bankruptcy. There are still more layoff rumors flying around, but I think the company will make a come back. I am just not so sure if it will make a come back with me aboard. But, not to worry, I will be cared for one way or the other.

MelbaNHerschelSeattle2004 Talking about being blessed, a sweet gal was expressed mailed to me from above. Two thousand and three seems to be my year in that I am so fortunate to have found Melba. Most of you have met her and like me must likely wonder how did I get so lucky – for she is one in a million. Melba and I have had a great 2003 from our first dinner to Valentines to our Florida vacation, Thanksgiving and then again a wonderful Christmas in Seattle where in front of family and friends I asked her to spend the rest of our lives together. And guess what, she said YES! Ask me for the video in a month or so. Who said that good things don’t come to those who wait – is that the saying?

My flying has been going well as I am almost done with my instrument rating. Everyone at the flight school says that the instrument rating is the hardest to get through. But I have this sneaky suspicion that getting through all the Flight Instructor ratings will be just as stressful. Flying is what I’ve always thought it would be. It is so enjoyable to be in the air as flying requires several skill sets to be utilized at once and the view can’t be beat! I was discussing my future plans with the Chief Instructor and he said “Sometimes, like any job, it can be boring flying. But I’d rather be bored at thirty thousand feet than in an office cube!” When I get more hours of experience I expect all of you to ask me to take you up. So far there have been four brave souls risky enough to venture into the wild blue yonder with me – Al, my flying friend at work, Ron & Ron Sr., brother and dad and of course Melba.

Herschel after getting his Private's LicenseBut Melba’s trip didn’t qualify as risky because my instructor was with us. Guess she’s the only real smart one in the crowd!
My health and Fitness program has been going well. Although I’ve had a back issue for little over a year I’m still working hard at eating better and exercising regularly. Like all programs, I’ve been up and down. But I’ve found that most of the battle is getting out there and doing something. On my web site, I’ve started a Fitness Log, where I’ve posted a few words about my struggle.

And finally, I’ve finally gotten around to creating and keeping a web site updated on a regular basis. On this web site there is a Web Log with general rants on life, Fitness Log to discuss my fitness trek, a Photo Gallery where you can even send me photos, and a Discussion Board for any ongoing conversations you may want to engage in. The web site is located at http://www.eclecticismo.com/hhblog.

Please browse that way sometime and drop me a comment in the Guest Book. And let me know if you have a web site up so I can link to it from my site! I look forward to 2004 and I dearly hope that all of you have a blessed year. Please call me, email me or drop a note on the web site with any news or just to say hi!



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