Post Holiday BLUES

“I don’t need no ‘stinking’ scales.”
I’m not sure where the “stinking” comes from — most likely from a cartoon character’s saying in a television show that my mind recorded long ago.  As I sit here thinking about the past month I realize that I don’t need a scale to tell me that I fell down in regards to my “program.”BealStreet

Yes, I feel heavier, a little larger in the middle and a little less healthier. Although I picked up a nasty virus and didn’t feel much like exercising for the three weeks prior to Christmas, I still didn’t quite control my eating habits during the holiday season. Ahh, you say that’s normal to over-eat during Christmas. Well… it may be Normal, but normal is not acceptable when you’re trying to control your eating demon. And in today’s American society NORMAL is not healthy, especially when 65 percent of Americans are considered overweight or obese.

I understand, as this linked article says, that I shouldn’t have a strict, rules based diet. But, I realize that I can’t allow myself to disregard good eating habits for a period of a week, especially if that week falls during Christmas or a vacation. Imagine how much work I did the previous four months and then allowing that one week to wipe away a lot of that work. With my plan, I try to loose about a half a pound a week. So in about a month I should loose on average two to four pounds.

So in this situation where I got sick and did very little exercise and additionally not watching how much and what I was eating I really fell down and lost ground. You see, any sentence that has that many “and’s” surely shows how poorly I did this past holiday season.
Now the big question is “how to avoid this failure in the future.”

  1. Tell people that you are on a program and trying to become healthier.
  2. Encourage them to hassle you, in a nice way, when you appear to be falling off the wagon.
  3. Encourage them to praise you when you resist their evil temptations to engulf large quantities of fatty foods!
  4. Flog yourself over and over and over again when you know you have succumbed to the power of the fat!
  5. When you fall, pick yourself up and keep telling yourself that you can do it!
  6. Find a friend who wants to get healthier and talk about your plans to get healthier. Encourage them and have them encourage you!
  7. When you know you are going to be in situations where you might be tempted, set a goal for that situation that you can achieve. The next time a similar situation occurs, set your goal higher and eventually you’ll be able to resist those binge eating outings. For instance, at a lunch gathering, maybe instead of eating chicken and mashed potatoes, your goal will be to eat chicken and broccoli.

I think you have the idea here. I think this biggest lesson learned from all of this is that we have times of failure and what we do after we fail determines our ultimate success. My dad told me one time that if you want to win at something big like a football game, you have to start by winning the small battles first. You just can’t pick the ball up and run freely to the end zone every time and you can’t quit when you get knocked on your ass.

Start winning those small battles and after a while you’ll see that you’re winning the war with your health and wellness program!

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