Thinking About The Future

The holiday season is once again upon us here down on what seems to be our lonely Earth. A lonely Earth when compared against the vast wilderness we call Space. For you see, we humans, in the past five thousand years or so have advanced to a point where we have a decent understanding and consciousness about ourselves and the world in which we live.

However, we have barely scratched the surface of exploring past the blue sky and white clouds into that black, cold, unknown universe. Yes, indeed, we have over the past thousands of years slowly rolled back the curtain of ignorance and peered into the great unknown. But, we have yet to really explore it with our beating hearts, curious minds and wondering souls.

As I sit here pondering the future I am filled with such a joy for what might come to be. As an individual’s subconscious deals with the unknown, so do we as a society think and ponder what lies ahead.

Although we yearn for what will be tomorrow, we are here, alive and living today. We work each day to live each day and some portion of our daily toil shall be saved for the realization of our dreams to come.


It is amazing to me what humans can do when their minds are focused on attaining a goal. What’s even more amazing is that our creator gave us a desire to reach beyond what seems to be our limitations. We, individually and collectively, imagine something and then through diligent work achieve what we imagine. This year and today marks a great achievement in human history — one hundred years of powered flight.

One hundred years ago two men dreamed of flying. Funny, as I started writing the next line of this journal entry I wrote “The Wright Brothers had no background in aviation.” And that’s what’s amazing; there was no background to have because aviation was considered fantasy land for the most part a hundred years ago. But these two men had a desire to reach for the sky, beyond their limitations, and in doing so invented powered flight for all of mankind.

In the years that have passed, countless men and women have reached beyond the limitations placed on them by nature. Humanity has expanded the technological envelope, but my soul wonders how much farther we shall go in my lifetime. With all the great minds and adventurous hearts beating down here on Earth yearning to reach higher, will we be able to balance the struggles of living our lives with the desire to improve our lives?

Like me, humanity is complex — so much potential, so many limitations. I so want to stand up one day, rejoice and proclaim that humanity has defeated the inner demons and our children’s future will be what they make it and not what we’ve burdened them with. But today as I look back at our ancestors and praise their achievements and their desire to make my life better, I look at where we are today. My prayer this day is that one day humans will never fear death, oppression or hatred from another human being. I know that given time, our great strengths will propel us far beyond what any of us can imagine today. We can, individually and collectively destroy our limitations and truly accomplish great things.


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