It Is Not NOT Your Fault?

On the radio today I heard a commercial for a pill that “guarantees” a person to loose 20 pounds or your money back. The doctor in the commercial made a statement “It is not your fault that you are overweight.” For some reason this statement struck a chord with me.
Since I’ve been writing journal entries for public viewing, I’ve tried to pay attention to my use of the written English language.  I wish I had paid more attention to my English teacher and practiced more writing since I’ve been out of school, but that’s another story and journal entry.

I looked up the word fault in the dictionary. Fault is: 2 a : WEAKNESS, FAILING; especially : a moral weakness less serious than a vice b : a physical or intellectual imperfection or impairment. The Webster dictionary adds that FAULT implies a failure, not necessarily culpable, to reach some standard of perfection in disposition, action, or habit <a writer of many virtues and few faults>.
You see, the statement “It is not your fault that you are overweight” made me mad because there is a segment of our society that thrives on people’s inability to cope with the design and many imperfections of the human body.

VegasBird This may take some time to explain so bear with me. Our bodies are designed or have evolved to where they desire to store energy for times when food is not available. Is this a weakness or imperfection? NO, it is neither. The bottom line is that the human body works this way and this is the way it is. The fact is most people have a tendency to store more energy than they will ever use! The desire to store energy is like a computer program that functions without our input. We have little choice — or do we?
There is another nice organ we humans have called the BRAIN and it is the ultimate master of the human body. There is a point where storing excess energy becomes a detriment to the longevity of the human body. I think that anyone reading this journal entry would agree that under no circumstance a human being is  healthy when she reaches 700 pounds.
And here lies the classic confrontation: the mind versus the flesh. One entity that has conflicting directives. On the one hand the brain interprets the world and desires to direct the body to take certain actions and on the other hand the body’s pre-programmed actions and reactions to the world in which it lives.

It is NOT your fault that your body desires to store energy for future consumption. It is, however, YOUR fault when you allow your body to excessively consume and harm the overall health and wellness of the entity that is called YOU! If a human being’s mind can by will of force stop the body from eating and die from malnutrition, then that same mind can control the energy consumption rate and excess energy storage processes.

There are some people who believe that it is OK to be overweight. Well, I think it would be OK to be overweight as long as you are healthy. Neither I nor YOU can determine if you are healthy. You need to allow an educated, real, competent, doctor to examine you and make that determination.

Once the determination of your health and wellness is made though, it is up to YOU as to the direction you will take in controlling and managing your health. For you alone have the power, not some stupid doctor in a stupid radio ad trying to make a buck or two by telling you that a pill will cure your ills.


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