Sometimes You Just Struggle

While running the other day on the treadmill of pain, my mind started wondering, as it often does, and thinking about how much time I had left on my run that day. Yes, one of the bad things about running on a treadmill is that you never go anywhere. At least when running on the road, you can ignore the pain and let your mind wonder about as you continue your run.

But the treadmill — it ain’t going nowhere — so you end up thinking a lot!

During this particular run, my legs started feeling like jelly and they started talking to me “Herschel… come on… I’m tired… Can’t you just run three miles today?” And, like a dummy I started listening to them. You all know what I’m talking about here! It is the point where you start to make deals with yourself.

Well, like a preacher during revival, the other runner in me started to analyze the situation and made the observation that “Sometimes you just struggle…”

This observation gave me the energy, gumption or whatever to finish the run. I may have not run my best time, but I finished. And you know, no matter what exercise program or diet you may be on, remember this — you can’t always have an up day where you lose a couple of pounds or make tremendous progress with your health, wellness and fitness.

The key is to stay in the fight and keep working at your program — keep struggling. I guarantee if you stick with it, you’ll have less and less days where you struggle to get through.


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